Magento salesforce integration with Customers in 3 Creative Steps

Magento Salesforce Integration

If you are running eCommerce website then you always fear to lose your customer accounts one solution is to keep the backup on daily basis but it comes very headache to keep lots of backups also need lots of space. Another solution is Magento 2 customers Salesforce integration.There are two ways for Magento Salesforce Integration […]

Life is a Dance: Discuss the importance of dance

dance image

With the pressures of work and social obligations tugging us every which way, it’s more and more difficult to find time for exercise. Maybe that’s why Indians are struggling with their weight and health more than ever. It’s no secret that moderate exercise and sensible eating habits are the key to remaining trim and fit. However, […]

Best way to notify group members in SocialEngine


Being an group manager you always want to share news among group members. Announcements  posted as a featured news within the group to share about new information. So group announcement plugin is one of the solution for posting announcements for specific groups.The SocialEngine Group Announcement  allows you to add announcement notices which can display automatically for group members […]