Top six socialengine payment gateway

social engine payment

SocialEngine is a php based platform can be used to build online community site. Website owners can build social networking sites within minutes using SocialEngine. Clients are using SocialEngine site as online store or event management etc site in which payment is one of the vital part for community owners.  In this article we are going to […]

4 ways to improve your web development skills

4 ways to improve your web development skills

Software developers are responsible to make ideas into reality. It doesn’t matter of size whether a startups, medium-size or big company, developers are the back bone. While developing or creating new thing, developers should follow some basic rules of writing code. Its really helpful to write a readable, structured programming code, which is easy to debug. We […]

Integrate payment gateway with SocialEngine

Integrate payment gateway with SocialEngine

Ecommerce and Social networking are trending aspects of today. It seem that these trends shall soon become an essential part of the  our daily routine. Eventually everyone shall use social networking sites to connect with friends and shop online to buy the goods. One of our client had socialcommerce site built on SocialEngine. Since SocialEngine supports Paypal and 2Checkout payment gateways by […]

SocialEngine integration with IDSTC using Zend SOAP Client

Socialengine and IDSTC integration

SocialEngine is a PHP based platform that allows anyone to have a social network site at a low cost. Anyone can create its own social network within minutes using SocialEngine platform. IDSTC is customer-order management system. We can save customer profile, order, sales representatives commissioning details into IDSTC. We provide SocialEngine custom development to our clients. […]

WordPress: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by…


“Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by..”? This is most common issue faced by user while customising wordpress header cookie. If you are working on wordpress theme or writing a new plugin for wordpress, you might have seen a warning which unable you to modify header content. We faced this problem when we are working on single […]