Ways to add custom block on magento

adding block on magento

Recently we have created our custom block for eCommerce website built in Magento. Our client wants this block on Home page, phtml file and layout xml. After so many research, we found that there are so many ways to show our custom block on magento site. In this article we demonstrate how we can show […]

Import bulk products in magento with multiple images


Importing and exporting products can sometimes be a tricky task in magento. Recently one of our client want to migrate all products from one website to another. We have use default Magento product Import/Export Feature. Using this feature we can easily migrated products. The default magento import/export feature unable to import products data with multiple […]

should you develop a mobile apps for social networking ?

Why should our online community be on mobile app

Despite the many inherent benefits of social networking websites, mobile apps are becoming very popular. This is because majority of the users now basically browse the Internet using their mobile phones or tablets.  Currently most of the world’s population using smartphones and according to this study, total number of active smartphones in the world are […]

Tips to create neighborhood social networking website


A small group of people living together within an small area is called neighborhood. An online community is a network of people who communicate with other and share their ideas, thoughts. An online community for neighborhood is the private social network for our neighbors and our community. It’s the easiest way for our neighbors to […]

How to enable two step verification in Socialengine websites


Now days online community websites are very popular. Million of users communicate with each other on online communities websites. Online community website not only connect millions of people but also hold their private informations, photos, documents. So user account security is an important priority for every social community websites. Two step verification is an advanced sign-in security feature , […]

Develop offline mobile app using phonegap

In this article, we are going to demonstrate the steps that we followed while creating offline mobile app.

Developing mobile app for multiple platforms and supporting it on variety of mobile devices can be challenging. Next biggest challenge could be network connectivity issue,  what shall happen if there is no internet connection ? Do you want user to get frustrated as the mobile app won’t work at all. In these scenarios, offline feature for the mobile app […]

Turn rolodex manual into mobile app using JqueryMobile

rolodex blog

One of our client have a steel company and they have product information about the steel bar measurements in notebook manual. It was very difficult to search product information from notebook even with the rolodex indexing and there was limitation of carrying the manual everywhere. We have turned their manual notebook into mobile application that runs […]