How to implement an Expandable ListView in Android

Expandable Listview

Expandable ListView is a type of view very much similar to a  List view.This view shows items in a vertically scrolling two-level list.This has two levels – group and children, which differs it from the List view.Group individually be expanded to show its children.Basically items are grouped inside the list much like giving a category […]

Tips to create magento custom attribute

custom attribute magento

In Magento an attribute means any property of an entity ( Product, Customer ) and we can add as many attributes as we need. They can be grouped into attribute sets. An attribute set is a collection of similar attributes. An attribute is very important to show extra information like Color , Size, Brand etc of […]

Enhance magento admin grid user experience using ajax

Enhance magento admin grid user experience using ajax

Magento admin grid are very convenient way to filter and paginate. Magento Admin grid provide the CURD operation for product, customer, order and many more entities. One of our client wants to update product information on product grid with smooth user experience. After analyzing the client requirements, we proposed our client to make an AJAX request on […]

How to extend and customize magento REST API

Recently, we were working on eCommerce platform for with auction support on magento . Our client wanted an android application for their platform. After requirement analysis, we decided to use magento and decided to use its Rest API for android application. Magento have a few Rest API implementation and one need to use their SOAP webservices which are very complex and dying technology. […]

Ways to add custom block on magento

adding block on magento

Recently we have created our custom block for eCommerce website built in Magento. Our client wants this block on Home page, phtml file and layout xml. After so many research, we found that there are so many ways to show our custom block on magento site. In this article we demonstrate how we can show […]

Import bulk products in magento with multiple images


Importing and exporting products can sometimes be a tricky task in magento. Recently one of our client want to migrate all products from one website to another. We have use default Magento product Import/Export Feature. Using this feature we can easily migrated products. The default magento import/export feature unable to import products data with multiple […]