Life is a Dance: Discuss the importance of dance

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With the pressures of work and social obligations tugging us every which way, it’s more and more difficult to find time for exercise. Maybe that’s why Indians are struggling with their weight and health more than ever. It’s no secret that moderate exercise and sensible eating habits are the key to remaining trim and fit. However, […]

should you develop a mobile apps for social networking ?

Why should our online community be on mobile app

Despite the many inherent benefits of social networking websites, mobile apps are becoming very popular. This is because majority of the users now basically browse the Internet using their mobile phones or tablets.  Currently most of the world’s population using smartphones and according to this study, total number of active smartphones in the world are […]

Five tips to choose blog topic

We have a deadline of a blog post coming soon, but you still do not know what to write about. Choosing a content topic is a crucial step in order to ensure that the topic is not only relevant to your audiences, but they also remain engaged and keep coming back for more. After all, […]

Managing performance and quality with smaller team

Managing performance and quality with smaller team

Managing quality is crucial for launching a product Quality products help to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty and reduce the risk and cost of replacing faulty goods.Customers expect to deliver quality products. If you do not, they will quickly look for alternatives. Quality is critical to satisfying customers and retaining their loyalty so they continue […]