Managing iPhone/iPad mobile app using CocoaPods

iPhone/iPad Project using CocoaPods

As a developer, you use lot of third party libraries to simplify iPhone/iPad mobile app development. There’s great possibility to add multiple libraries in a single app and managing these libraries become open can of worms. It can also be difficult to find and update a library to new version especially if several libraries need […]

Turn rolodex manual into mobile app using JqueryMobile

rolodex blog

One of our client have a steel company and they have product information about the steel bar measurements in notebook manual. It was very difficult to search product information from notebook even with the rolodex indexing and there was limitation of carrying the manual everywhere. We have turned their manual notebook into mobile application that runs […]

WordPress: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by…


“Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by..”? This is most common issue faced by user while customising wordpress header cookie. If you are working on wordpress theme or writing a new plugin for wordpress, you might have seen a warning which unable you to modify header content. We faced this problem when we are working on single […]

White Label App, a great way to increase revenue

White Label App, a great way to increase revenue

When someone purchase an iPhone/iPad, they expect that things should work well and look good too. Look and feel is one of the prominent factor to attract users and makes it quite successful. UIAppearance allows the appearance of views and controls to be consistently defined across the entire application. UIAppearance returns instancetype, which allows for […]