Integrate socialengine online community with wordpress Using SSO

SocialEnginePress SSO plugin

If you have a socialengine website and other website on wordpress just to sell your products or write blogs, you might think of integration of both websites. One may have google it and didn’t found a solution for websites integration. “Socialengine-wordpress Single Sign On on allows you to integrate your socialengine and WordPress sites, so […]

Development of mobile app with Socialengine API

Development of mobile app with Socialengine API

The development of the mobile apps for any server side web application is becoming very conventional these days. Many of our clients want us to develop mobile apps that integrate with their SocialEngine. This blog explains the integration between mobile app and SocialEngine using a simple example of authentication. We decided to use the SocialEngine […]

Could 2014 Possibly Be The Year For Crowdfunding?


The year 2014 has arrived, and many people are asking whether this will be the big year for crowdfunding. The answer to that question is possibly. Kickstarter is the most popular crowdfunding site in the world. While it has a number of advantages, it also has its disadvantages. When Kickstarter first started, it was a way for artists to raise money […]

WordPress Hosting : Best webserver for high performance on high traffic in 2017

Performance of the website is one of the key to success of the website and specially with growing users traffic on the website make it vital part. In recent years, demand for wordpress platform grows rapidly but there are hardly  optimized servers for the best performance and security possible when you expect thousands of users […]