Bikerspost – MotorCycle Social Network

Bikerspost is one of the largest MotorCycle Social Network and was running on Ning.

Business Problem

Bikerspost was looking for someone who can help them migrating their community from Ning to SocialEngine and allow smooth user experience on the website.

iPragmatech helps Bikerspost to boost the performance of the site and after performance optimization, the response time improved drastically as every page is cached and response improved by ~311% (depend on each module) than the previous state of the server. The number of concurrent users support by site has also increased to almost ~400% and website can handle more than 500 concurrent users with the current data.

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Our Task

  • Server setup on Amazon Cloud hosting.
  •  Speed up the bikerspost community.
  • Performance optimisations of Webserver.
  •  Performance optimisations of Database Server.
  • Performance optimisations of caching and
  • Added support for the reverse.

Skills Involved